A Vegan Eats… Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread Men are one of my favourite Christmas treats. Ginger is one of my favourite flavours, and I think Gingerbread Men go down a treat all year round. For this recipe, I took inspiration from my Mum’s favourite and most well loved recipe book, the Good Housing cookbook from the early 1980’s. She uses this […]

A Vegan Eats… Christmas Candy Cane Cake

I love Christmas, I love the decorations, I love Christmas trees, I love cheesy films. I even have a collection of Christmas jumpers, including a vegan one (of course). There is one thing I don’t love, and that’s dried fruit, so traditional Christmas desserts are not something I enjoy. Christmas pudding, Christmas Cake and Mince […]

A Vegan Does… Berlin

Oh Berlin, how I love you.     Let’s just say that I was in desperate need of a holiday, and some time off work. So, my good friend Yvette and I took a few days off work, and had a long weekend break in Berlin. To say we loved it was an understatement. Three […]