A Vegan Does… Berlin

Oh Berlin, how I love you.


Berlin artwork
East Side Gallery


Let’s just say that I was in desperate need of a holiday, and some time off work. So, my good friend Yvette and I took a few days off work, and had a long weekend break in Berlin. To say we loved it was an understatement. Three nights there was nowhere near long enough.

Of course, one of most important things about a successful holiday is easy access to vegan food. Berlin did not disappoint there, it was incredibly easy to find vegan meals. After a long walk on the evening we arrived, we were absolutely ravenous.

We found a little pizzeria down a side street that sold vegan pizzas and lasagne. I eat a lot of vegan pizza. I truly love it. However, lasagne is not something I eat very often. It always reminds me of when I first became vegetarian 19 years ago, and when you went out to eat the only thing they ever had as a vegetarian option was lasagne! How times have changed. So I thought I’d switch it up, and went for the lasagne. I’m glad I did, it was delicious. This wasn’t a vegan restaurant, or even a chain. Just a pizzeria that had vegan options. Delicious vegan options.


Vegan lasagna
Vegan goodies from day 1


We also walked past a branch of Veganz on our long walk previous to this. This is Germany’s vegan supermarket. It is fantastic. I bought a few bits that evening to have as emergency provisions in case I couldn’t find any vegan food. I didn’t need to worry about that in the end! I did find these really handy individual pots of coffee creamer which I snapped up to use in the hotel room.

The next day, Yvette (who is not vegan) wanted to try out a kebab. It was easy to get a vegan falafel wrap. It was lovely. My only issue with it was that the hot sauce wasn’t even remotely hot! For dinner we went to Vaust, which is vegan restaurant in West Berlin.

It was a really beautiful restaurant, and had such a nice atmosphere. I ended up having a three course meal, and I’m glad I did, although I was stuffed by the end of it. We had done around 25,000 steps that day, so I thought I’d earnt it. I had the seitan currywurst to begin with. Currywurst is a Berlin speciality, and I was excited to be able to try it. It’s a sausage with a curried ketchup. I really enjoyed it, and it was great to be able to have a veganised version of a German dish. I had ravioli for my main meal, which again, was just delicious. I was happy to get some more fresh veg in my diet as well, as we admittedly hadn’t eaten much of that so far. Dessert was dark chocolate cake. I have nothing to say about this as I think the picture speaks for itself! Stunning. I also treated myself to a beer. I have pretty much completely given up alcohol recently, and hadn’t drunk in three months, so I only had one. I wanted to try the beer at is brewed by the restaurant. I had it mixed with their homemade mango-chili syrup. I think the fact that I haven’t drunk made me appreciate just how nice it actually was.


Delicious food


The next day I discovered vegan pretzels in Kamps. So I bought the last two. Sorry to any vegans that came after me, but if it’s any consolation, I thoroughly enjoyed them. We also stopped by Veganz again. This time we sat in the café to warm up and eat, as it was quite late in the day and we were starving. I had a dirty chai and a cheese and pesto croissant. I don’t know how they make their croissants, but they were so flakey and light. We then went back in to the supermarket and I stocked up on some snacks. I have hidden them in my cupboard and am trying not to eat them all at once!


Day 3
Pretzels and Veganz


Sadly, the next day it was time to fly home. I stopped by Kamps again for a pretzel for my breakfast, and boarded the plane home. There are so many vegan places left for me to explore in Berlin, I will definitely have to go back.

Of course, holidays are not just about food. We wanted to pack as much in as possible, and we managed to do so much in just a couple of days. We visited the East Side Gallery, took in the views from the Fernsehturm, did a walking tour of the city, and visited Sachsenhausen.

I would definitely recommend Berlin to anyone. So much culture and history, so many incredibly friendly people, and such delicious vegan food.


A trip around Berlin
Brandenburg Gate



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