About Me


Hi, I'm Sheila, aka Dubby

At 10 I learnt that some people think it's okay to eat dogs, and I was disgusted. I loved my pet dog with all of my heart, and couldn't believe that anyone could eat a creature so funny and sweet. Then it dawned on me, how is my pet dog any different than a cow or a pig? Well, he wasn't. So I stopped eating meat.

I carried on this way for 10 years, before realising that vegetarianism wasn't enough. A baby cow did not care that I didn't eat beef, a baby cow cared that I was taking their milk because I was 'addicted' to cheese. I realised that I was implicit in the torture of these wonderful creatures.

Also, I realised that an adult drinking milk is hella weird.

So, my vegan journey started!


Dubby is a nickname bestowed upon me by my good friend Clare. The name comes from an advert that plagued my teenage years, and followed me through to my working life. That advert, was Sheila's Wheels. It was sung to me everywhere I went for years. Sheila became Wheels, Wheels became W, W became Dubs and Dubs, eventually, became Dubby.

Contact me

Have any questions, or tips? Please contact me at vegandubby@gmail.com

You can also find me on instagram at instagram.com/vegan_dubby

Or Twitter at twitter.com/vegandubby