A Vegan Thinks… About Honey

One of the most common questions I get regarding veganism is why honey isn’t considered a vegan product. This question is normally asked genuinely, not in the vein of ‘where do you get your protein from’ or ‘what about plants feelings’, and I understand why people ask it. It’s not immediately obvious to many why […]

A Vegan Thinks… About Feminism

There are two things I will really get passionate about. Veganism and feminism. These things are not mutually exclusive of each other. I am vegan for many reasons. I am vegan because I care about animal rights. I am vegan because I care about the environment. I am vegan because I am a feminist.   […]

A Vegan Thinks…

Hi! Thank you so much for visiting. I’m working hard on posts so please check back soon. This will be where I share my thoughts and ideas. This will soon be full of politics and opinions, and how veganism bleeds in to every aspect of belief Dubby