A Vegan Thinks… About Feminism

There are two things I will really get passionate about. Veganism and feminism. These things are not mutually exclusive of each other. I am vegan for many reasons. I am vegan because I care about animal rights. I am vegan because I care about the environment. I am vegan because I am a feminist.


Dairy is a feminist issue.


Cows produce milk for their young, and a cow will only produce milk if they have given birth to a calf. Exactly like a human produces milk for a baby. A cow gestates for, on average, 283 days. A human gestates for, on average, 280 days. Cows care for their young. They have complex social units. Just like humans.


As cows only produce milk for their young, they are forcibly impregnated over and over again in order to produce the milk humans then steal. This process is done using a ‘rape rack’. This is a narrow devise in which cows are restrained while the farmer artificially inseminates them with bull semen. Once they give birth, their children are stolen from them and they are hooked up to milking machines where their milk, meant for their children, is also stolen from them. This cycle continues until the cows have no more value, and are executed.


All you have to do is type ‘Cow separated from calf’ in to YouTube to see the pain and torment a cow experiences when separated from their young https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOXFm2-wty4 


For myself, I want reproductive rights. I want women to have easy and safe access to women’s healthcare, including contraception and abortion if needed. I want to have control of my reproductive system. How can I then buy in to a system that controls another woman’s?


I want to be free and safe from rape and sexual violence. How can I then buy in to a system that rapes women over and over again?


If I chose to have a child, then I would have the choice to breastfeed. I would have the opportunity to bond with my child. How can I then buy in to an industry that steals a mothers offspring from them?


A cow feels grief, and I will not be responsible for another woman’s suffering.


Women’s bodies are not a commodity to be bought and sold. We are not just an opportunity for profit. It doesn’t matter to me if the woman in question is a human or cow. I will not pay for another woman to be tortured.


I would highly recommend watching the short film ‘The Herd’. It can be found in full here https://www.whitelies.org.uk/resources/video-footage/herd

You can read more about the link between milk and feminism at Viva https://www.viva.org.uk/why-milk-feminist-issue

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