A Vegan Wears… Trainers

I have been a junk food vegan from the day after I became vegan, over 9 years ago. For that one first day I was a healthy vegan, but I discovered vegan junk food pretty quickly.

However, I have also realised that it’s about time I started taking my health far more seriously. I guess I’m finally starting to accept my eventual demise, and I’d rather it not be too soon.

Trainers can be one of the trickiest items to get right for a vegan. It’s easy to avoid leather and suede, as these are labelled across the board. Animal glue however? Not so much. It’s one of those things that many a new vegan will not even realise they need to avoid. How many people even know that they are still putting animals in glue? So finding an animal free trainer can be really difficult.

My well worn Inov-8 Ultras

I’m lucky enough to live right near a forest, and have some ancient woodland near the bottom of my street. This is slightly ruined by the motorway that runs right along the side of it, but if I turn my music up loud enough then I can at least pretend it’s not there.

For my runs through the muddy British country side I have my Inov-8 Ultra 290. Now, I guess these are technically for ultra-running, and I’m not doing an ultra-marathon anytime soon. I’m not even doing a half marathon. However, these trainers are super comfortable, and incredibly supportive. They are excellent for the uneven ground in my area. There has been a number of times where I think I would have ended up turning my ankle on a hidden mound of hardened mud, if it hadn’t been for having such supportive trainers. Your footwear when exercising is incredibly important. If you don’t have the right support then it can lead to discomfort, and possibly even injuries.

Inov-8 Ultra 290

The best thing about Inov-8, is that they can guarantee that their non-leather/suede shoes are vegan, as they never use animal glue. This is fantastic, and something that can be surprisingly difficult to get other companies to guarantee.

Inov-8 also have a statement of their website regarding the environmental impact of their business, and seem to be taking steps to reduce this impact. A huge reason many people go vegan is because of the environmental implications of meat production, and the environmental impact of a consumerist society is also something we need to think about. Inov-8 are certainly not a carbon neutral company, but it is promising to see a company accepting responsibility for their impact on our planet.

This is why Inov-8 are currently my trainer of choice for outside activities, and an easily accessible option for most people. You can often get very good deals on past season trainers if you are willing to shop around, so there is no reason to break the bank for them, and they’ll last you a good number of miles.

Veganism is so much more than a plant based diet. When you start cutting out everything that comes from a result of animal cruelty and exploitation, you realise just how prevalent it really is. It can be difficult and over-whelming at first, but it gets easier with each day, and never forget that the animals are worth the fight.


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